About The Kabristan Archives

'The wind whispers through the trees,
Recalling words and dreams
And memories of those who left us
Long ago.'

EILEEN HEWSON'S passion for old graveyards has been the inspiration for her travels in the Indian subcontinent. From the former British hill stations across the Himalayas, to the tea plantations of Assam and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) she has searched for the Europeans who died there.

Explorers Cemetery, Leh LadakhHer enthusiasm also extends to the people in Ireland whose burial grounds are disintegrating and will soon vanish for ever. This history is equally important and must be preserved otherwise it too will be extinct.

From her travels Eileen Hewson has written about these people, recording their memorials and their lives. Some of the inscriptions are very old, one found in Kiltoghert Graveyard, County Leitrim, in memory of Bishop Moran dates back to 1166. Others have no memorials at all, they are also remembered. Her paperback books are intended to help family historians to find their lost ancestors and their own identity. Or maybe just to tell a good tale from the past for those who are prepared to listen.

Eileen Hewson is descended from Bishop William Bedell (died 1642) who founded Kilmore Church of Ireland Cathedral County Cavan and was the first person to translate the Old Testament into the Irish Language and Lieut-Colonel Thomas Hewson (killed 1651) of The Basken Swords County Dublin and one of the 49 Irish Protestant Officers loyal to King Charles.  After the King’s execution the army was disbanded by Cromwell.

Eileen Hewson is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She is also the area representative for Ceylon/Sri Lanka and Ladakh Kashmir on behalf of the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia and founder of The Kabristan Archives.

The Kabristan Archives is part of the Kabristan Group of websites, comprising Genealogy Sri Lanka, The Kabristan Bookshop & Himalayan Miscellany.